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Vue Packs vs. K Cups

What is a K-Cup?

Keurig K Cup
K-Cups are small flavor packs filled with either coffee, tea, or hot cocoa powder. Some K-Cups are even designed to brew iced beverages. They are designed to be brewed in one of the original Keurig single-cup brewing systems, including: the Keurig Elite, Keurig MINI and MINI Plus, Keurig Platinum, Keurig Special Edition, Keurig B155, Keurig B130, Keurig B150, Keurig B3000SE, Keurig B140, and the Keurig B200.

What is a Vue Pack?

Vue Packs are similar to K-Cups in that they are small flavor packs filled with coffee, tea, or hot cocoa powder. Additionally, some Vue Packs are designed to brew iced coffees and teas, giving the consumer a refreshing beverage choice. In addition to these flavor options, Vue Packs offer flavors that have not been offered by the K-Cup varieties. These include specialty cafe-style beverages, like lattes and cappuccinos, with frothed milk.

How is a Vue Pack different from a K-Cup?

Vue Packs are relatively similar to K-Cups. However, several notable differences do exist. First, Vue Packs are intended to be brewed in the Keurig Vue V700 brewer. K-Cups are not compatible with this brewing system. Likewise, Vue Packs cannot be brewed in one of the original Keurig brewing systems.

Next, the brewing processes of K-Cups and the Vue Packs are different. The Keurig Vue brewer provides users with the option of making a stronger, or hotter beverage, so the mechanism for brewing is slightly different from the classic Keurig brewers, which delivers a one-size-fits-all brew.

The sizes of the K-Cups and the Vue Packs are different as well.  Since the brewing processes are different, the shapes of the vessels vary slightly.  While the shapes are not substantially different, they are different enough that a separate display carousel is sold for K-Cups and for Vue Packs.

Another change from K-Cups to Vue Packs allows the Vue Packs to be recycled. Whereas K-Cups could not be, Vue Packs can be recycled anywhere #5 plastics can. The Vue Pack’s tab is peeled back to separate its foil lid and filter from the rest of the cup. Then, the plastic cup is easily recycled.

How many flavors of K-Cups are there?

There are approximately 200 varieties of K-Cup flavors to choose from, from unflavored coffees, to flavored coffees, to hot and iced tea and hot chocolate. With so many to choose from, coffee or tea drinkers alike can certainly find a K-Cup that is right for them.

How many flavors of Vue Packs are there?

There are currently 40 different Vue Packs available for purchase. The Vue Pack varieties range from coffees and teas, to hot chocolate and other specialty beverages like lattes and cappuccinos.

When will more Vue Pack flavors be released?

Since the Vue system (including the Keurig Vue V700 brewer and Vue Packs) is relatively new, it seems likely that new Vue Pack flavors will continually be released as the demand for them increases. Currently, Vue Pack varieties are those that were the most popular K-Cup blends.


Click for the entire list of K-Cup flavors, or the entire list of Vue Pack flavors.

  1. Link to view full list of Vue PAC Flavors is broke. Indicates “fatal error”. Home page K Cup vs Vue PAC very helpful.

  2. Seems like a waste of time and effort to make/use the Vue cups. Coffee is plenty strong enough in the K cup systems, and if you want it hotter, just microwave it. Nothing like confusing the market! Idiots.

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